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Different Ways to Floss

Did you know that when you brush your teeth, you’re actually only cleaning approximately 60% of your teeth? Flossing takes care of 40%. But while flossing is excellent to clean those areas between teeth that brushing can’t reach, for some individuals, flossing can be extremely challenging. For instance, individuals with certain kinds of teeth restorations or treatment and those with poor dexterity find flossing with standard floss hard.

If you’re one of these individuals, you can discuss alternative ways or options for flossing with your family dentistry specialist here at Mercer Park Dentistry in Mercer Island, WA, Dr. Ken McNabb. Let’s take a look at some common flossing alternatives below.

Hand-Held Dental Floss

These are Y-shaped plastic pieces with a string of floss across them which you’ll use to floss. Basically, it allows for easier control of the fingers and access to hard to reach areas. These come with handles in different sizes to accommodate different finger grips.

Interproximal Brush

For bigger spaces, you can use an interproximal brush, which is a tiny brush that resembles a bottlebrush. It cleans spaces between teeth very effectively since it disrupts food particles and bacteria in a mechanical manner.

Water Flossers

These loosen food debris, irrigate the gum line, and decrease plaque formation. Some water picks even come with special tips for cleaning periodontal pockets that could likewise be utilized with an anti-microbial solution for easier irrigation. These are typically recommended for individuals with braces since these can help clean around metal brackets and wires that easily trap plaque and food debris.

To Determine The Best Flossing Method for You, We Can Help

Arrange a consultation with Dr. Ken McNabb, your family dentistry specialist here at Mercer Park Dentistry in Mercer Island, WA, by calling (206) 232-6200.