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What Is A Family Dentist?

For some families, each member sees a different doctor, whether a pediatrician, women's health doctor or another specialist. When it comes to your oral health needs every member of your family can get the care they need with a family dentist.

Dr. Ken McNabb of Mercer Park Dentistry in Mercer Island, WA, offers family dentistry services so both the youth and adults in your family can have the general, cosmetic, or preventative dentistry care they require.

What is a family dentist?

A family dentist is trained to provide care to individuals of all ages, including pediatric and elderly patients. They are equipped to clean, examine, and treat baby and adult teeth. They can also treat patients who are missing teeth.

What are the advantages of having a family dentist?

Our family dentistry office in Mercer Island, WA, offers the convenience of caring for your whole household in one location. Your children will likely feel more comfortable seeing a dentist they have gotten to know over the years, in a familiar setting. Also, a family dentist has the records and appointment schedules for your whole family on file for easy access.

What services does a family dentist offer?

A family dentist can provide all forms of dental care, including professional cleanings and exams, cosmetic services, or dental restorations. Family members should make an appointment every six months for a cleaning and exam to help prevent plaque build-up, cavities, or other oral health issues. If a family member has a cavity, we can provide fillings. A chipped or cracked tooth can be remedied in our office with a crown.

A family dentist can take care of dental extractions or perform surgeries like root canals, and for adult patients, we offer cosmetic treatments like whitening and veneers. Older patients with missing teeth can benefit from dentures or dental implants.

Make Mercer Park Dentistry in Mercer Island, WA, your one-stop office for your family dentistry needs. Schedule an appointment with Dr. McNabb by calling (206) 232-6200.