"Dr. McNabb is so good, he did 3 root canals on me this morning and I fell asleep twice!" -Jordan

"Excellent vibes & overall experience! Recently, and happily, I stumbled upon the Mercer Park Dentistry in Mercer Island, WA, through an internet search. As a result, so far, from the front desk, including insurance and other administration issues, to Dr. Ken McNabb. I've found the entire staff patient, personable and professional .... and not just on routine check ups .... In brief, I highly recommend." -Dave

"There are two obvious things about why I've decided to stay with Dr. McNabb as my primary and only dentist. He cares about people. He cares about his patients as people! He takes the time to examine your oral needs in a very much active and proactive way and  then explains in an informative way what is needed and what  work will be needed. The other observation is his work ethic. He works normal hours of five days a week, and I'm sure will set something up for you in case of an emergency, as he did for me a few weeks back. Not many dentist work that schedule anymore. This morning during a follow up exam, he also made time to clean my teeth himself which was really needed. Yes he let his assistant do the polishing and flossing, but he went from tooth to tooth cleaning as if he was working on a fine tuned watch. Again, you don't find anyone with is skill and/or degree for that matter to do anything such as clean teeth. That impressed the heck out of me.............Thank you Ken for using your professional skill in a very humble and caring way that I have not seen in a very long long time." -Mark

"My wife Lisa and I have been going to Dr. Ken McNabb since he opened his dental practice here on Mercer Island. We have been very pleased with he and his staffs' personal service and excellent dental care. As a physician, I am well aware of what is involved in providing quality health care services---expertise, professionalism, availability--and above all--caring, kindness and concern. We have been fortunate to have Dr. Ken and his staff availability here fulfilling all of our expectations in every regard, and would highly recommend him and his staff in providing outstanding dental care." - Frank and Lisa